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Topics range from California Community Colleges, UC Admissions, CSU Admissions, College Application Tips & Tricks, Transferring Credits, Admissions Help, and Much More!


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CTSN Strategic Vision Report

Our Strategic Vision 2023-2026

We are proud to unveil our first-ever strategic vision report since we started. At CTSN, we operate on transparency and accountability, and we want to help our students make informed decisions. In this report, you will find detailed information about our core values,...
job application additional comments section blog title blue background

Supercharge Your Job Application w/ Additional Comments.

Applying for a job can be both exciting and overwhelming. Between crafting a killer cover letter and tailoring your resume to fit the job requirements, a lot goes into a job application. However, there’s one section that can often make or break your chances of landing...
How Hard Is It To Get Into Brown University? A Detailed Guide on Admissions to Brown University featured image with blog title and Brown University gate.

How Hard Is It To Get Into Brown? A Comprehensive Guide

How hard is it to get into Brown University? Brown is a prestigious Ivy League school located in Providence, Rhode Island, and is known for its rigorous academic programs, diverse student body, and commitment to research and innovation. With a low acceptance rate and...
Podium with blog title in red letters and sheet paper behind it. Does class rank matter in college admissions?

Does Class Rank Matter in College Admissions? Exploring the Pros and Cons

I. Introduction Class rank has long been seen as an important factor in the college admissions process, with many universities looking at a student's standing within their high school class to gain insight into their academic performance and potential. Admissions...
Academic Bankruptcy featured image. White letters, cracked financial institution, green money background

Academic Bankruptcy: Erase Your Academic Record

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by school that you wished there was a way to start over and make everything go away? Well, academic bankruptcy could be your ticket to a clean slate and getting back on track in your studies. But what exactly is academic bankruptcy,...
non-degree seeking students featured image. Blue and Orange with VS and degree image with writing in white and black. Non-degree seeking students

Non-Degree Seeking Students: Challenging the Status Quo

Are you considering taking college courses without pursuing a degree? If so, you’re not alone. Non-degree seeking students are becoming more common in higher education as the cost of tuition rises and students look for alternative ways to gain knowledge and skills. In...
What happens if you mess up in community college featured image.

What Happens if You Mess Up in Community College?

For many students, community college presents an excellent opportunity to build a solid academic foundation, save money on tuition, and gain access to resources that will help them move forward in achieving their educational goals. However, when navigating the higher...
What is an ADT Degree for Transfer Featured Image

The Associate Degree for Transfer: Your Gateway to a Four-Year University

If you're looking for a way to make the jump from community college to a four-year university, look no further than the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT). ADT degrees are offered at all California Community Colleges and provide a clear pathway to various four-year...
San Diego City College Community College Bachelors Degree Featured Image

San Diego City College to Offer Bachelor’s Degree Starting in Fall 2024

After many months of hard work and dedication, San Diego City College can now proudly announce that their proposed Bachelor's degree in cyberdefense and analysis has been given the green light! This momentous outcome is thanks to state law AB 927, which permits...


Surfer SEO We are incredibly thankful for the generous support we have received from SurferSEO. Their contribution has enabled us to allocate a larger portion of our financial resources to support...

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