As the nation’s largest higher education system, California Community Colleges have many job and career opportunities.

Serving over 2.1 million students across 115 community college campuses, the institution of higher education boasts its status as an equal-opportunity employer.

This blog post will look at the CCC Registry and its role for individuals seeking employment and community college jobs.

What is the California Community Colleges Registry (CCC Registry)?

The California Community Colleges registry is a service that individuals seeking employment can use to conduct a job search and identify current job openings within the 76 California Community Colleges districts.

The openings are spread out throughout the various community college district campuses and encompass different services and employment opportunities.

California Community Colleges Registry Logo
California Community Colleges Registry Logo

Why was the CCC Registry Created?

The CCC Registry was created to commit and maintain a database of qualified professionals seeking a job committed to educational success and excellence.

The positions range from academic administrator positions to other support staff roles.

Community College Jobs | Salaries and Values

California community college salaries are among the highest in the United States.

As a member of the faculty at a CCC, you will be in an important position to contribute to California’s diverse, multicultural society.

Whether you work with students who wish to transfer to four-year institutions, help educate a new generation to succeed in the 21st-century workplace, or mentor a new generation of Americans for collegiate study, there is praise for the work of CCC faculty.

California Community College Chancellor’s Office

The California Community College Registry is funded by the CCC Chancellor’s Office.

The Chancellor’s Office is the Executive Office of the CCC system and is responsible for

  • The Curriculum of CCC Courses
  • Contracting Employers
  • Promoting Diversity & Inclusion
  • Increasing Student Success

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California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Official Logo(s)
California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Official Logo(s)

Every California Community College district has different employment positions for students and faculty.

There are also free resources that the district can provide depending on the college and the services the faculty needs.

How do I Sign Up for the California Community Colleges Registry?

To sign up for the CCC Registry and receive job alerts, go to the Registry website and click on the link HERE.

You can search a vast database of jobs and search for the ones you believe your resume aligns with.

Job Search and Keywords

Job seekers can also restrict the jobs they are interested in by utilizing a California sort keyword tool that performs advanced searching to pinpoint exact job keywords.

The California Community College system may be full of opportunities and job prospects that require as little as a basic skills education.

All the results you find can be saved, and email alerts can be set up whereby classified staff job applicants and job seekers will receive a monthly, weekly, or semi-monthly job alert.

CCC Registry Logo
CCC Registry Logo and Header

Positions can be refined for full-time and part-time, as well as a place to input your resume and seek specific positions teaching administration or maintenance.

You may need workforce training for certain positions like those in human resources.

A department like human resources requires workforce training because the nature of the job requires California community college faculty to prepare students for the transfer process.

A human resources official has lifelong learning in the proper ways to prepare students for four-year universities and personal enrichment.

All listed positions display minimum qualifications, and students should ensure they meet these requirements before submitting an application.

The CCC registry contains all of the necessary information to identify desired positions at a potential California community college. Community college jobs will vary in


If you are interested in working in one of the 112 California Community Colleges, you must look and apply for positions on the CCC Registry.

Positions range from part-time to full-time positions, with some opportunities to teach.

Working at a California Community College means you are part of a system that helps upwards of a million students and provide a number of services for individuals seeking legitimate help.

Students request help in transferring to four-year universities or providing crucial services for individuals seeking academic help, human resources, or any other grievance.

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