If you are a San Diego Mesa College student, you may be wondering what the transcript process is like. This blog post will outline the process and provide some tips to make it as smooth as possible. Keep reading to learn more!

How to Request Your San Diego Mesa College Transcripts

As a San Diego Mesa College student, you may need to request your transcripts for various reasons. Whether you’re transferring to another school or applying for a job, you’ll need to have your transcripts on hand. Here’s everything you need to know about requesting your San Diego Mesa College transcripts.

San Diego Skyline (Home to San Diego Mesa College)
San Diego Skyline (Home to San Diego Mesa College)

What is a Transcript?

A transcript is an official document demonstrating a student’s academic work at a college or university. It displays a student’s credit from other institutions and the cumulative GPA and total unit count.

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San Diego Mesa College is a member of the broader San Diego Community College District, which encompasses San Diego City College, San Diego Miramar College, and San Diego Mesa college.

Academic Transcript
Academic Transcript

The transcript procedure at San Diego Mesa college can be universally applied to the other two junior college institutions in the SDCCD system. San Diego Mesa College will only accept transcript credit from US colleges and universities with regional accreditation.

Difference between Official Transcripts and Unofficial Transcripts

Official Transcript

Official transcripts are generally issued by the school and bear the institution’s official seal. They are usually sent directly to the requesting party, such as an employer or another educational institution. It is the official document for all completed coursework and showcases the student’s academic work or credit from previous universities.

Unofficial Transcript

Unofficial transcripts are generally issued by the student and do not carry the institution’s official seal. Often, unofficial transcripts are printed on plain paper and may include additional grading information not found on the official transcript.

In general, unofficial transcripts are used for personal reference only and are not suitable for use in lieu of an official transcript.

Transcript Evaluation

Every institution of higher education has some sort of transcript evaluation service. Community colleges routinely allow current and former students to submit official electronic transcripts to the transcript department, whether it is the National Student Clearinghouse, Parchment, or any other electronic transcripts service.

San Diego Mesa Evaluations Header - California Transfer Support Network
San Diego Mesa College Transcript Evaluation Office

The SDCCD system has partnered with Parchment and National Student Clearinghouse to accept official electronic transcripts.

This is a monumental step for the San Diego community college district because it promotes student services and ensures every student, regardless of national origin, gender identity, or sexual orientation, is granted the same opportunities to have their credits accepted as any other student.

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What about submitting foreign transcripts?

Students are NOT required to send foreign transcripts. However, the credit obtained at foreign institutions can still be applied toward completing the San Diego Mesa College certificate or degree requirements.

Please Note: Students who decide to submit a foreign transcript will have to request that the credit be evaluated for completion of certificate or degree requirements.

Foreign High School Transcripts

If you are a high school student interested in a foreign transcript evaluation, remember that the credit can be applied to the UC IGETC foreign language requirement. This is a necessary prerequisite to transferring to any UC school within the State of California.

University of California Counselors and Foreign Student IGETC Requirements. General Education
University of California Counselors and Foreign Student IGETC Requirements

Steps to Submitting Transcripts from San Diego Mesa College

Step 1. Fill out the online transcript request form.

You can find the form here: https://www.parchment.com/u/registration/33878712/institution

Be sure to include your name, date of birth, Student ID number, and the address where you would like your transcripts to be sent.

Step 2. Choose how many transcripts you would like to order.

The cost is $7 per transcript for standard delivery or $15 for rush delivery. Be mindful of requesting official transcripts because the cost associated with each request can add up quickly.

It is best to identify the student’s educational goal before requesting transcripts that will ultimately pave the way for acceptance into approved services or special programs. Speak with a counselor before requesting even one transcript. This ensures that your official transcripts have all the general education and upper-division coursework you completed.

Step 3. Pay for your transcripts using credit or debit cards.

Once your payment has been processed, your transcripts will be mailed out within 5-7 business days for standard delivery or 2-3 business days for rush delivery. All transcript requests are online, as most institutions are offering electronic transcripts.

Transcript Transfer Credit

Receive a comprehensive evaluation for transcripts issued to the receiving institution. When you order transcripts or have them requested online, they will be automatically evaluated for prior credits, specifically transfer credit. Transcript evaluations can begin right after the transcripts are presented to the registrar’s office.

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Additional Information

Submitting transcripts can be complicated, especially if the students receive financial aid or have veterans’ benefits. If you are a student receiving financial aid or VA benefits, then you MUST submit official transcripts to the appropriate registrar’s office to receive these benefits.

Moreover, students are still required to submit transcripts even if the prior credits they received do not appear relevant to the current education plan or if the coursework evaluated was taken years ago.


That’s all there is to it! Requesting your San Diego Mesa College transcripts is a quick and easy process. Just be sure to allow enough time for them to be processed and mailed out before you need them.

San Diego Mesa College, San Diego City College, and San Diego Miramar College are the three primary institutions that comprise the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD). These three institutions are governed by the same body of educators and administrators, and students can enroll in any of the three colleges with the transcripts.

Speak with student services if you are confused about the process or how to submit an official transcript request. Continuing education students can also request transcripts like those at city college or Miramar Colleges.

Every transcript request will cost money, so be sure that the university’s accreditation is in good status and that the school accepts credits associated with the school you are submitting from.