Are you looking for a transfer school that offers a wide range of degree programs? San Diego City College may be the perfect choice for you. When you transfer to city college, you set yourself up for success in your transfer journey.

This public, two-year community college offers a variety of associate degree and certificate programs in more than 100 areas of study. In addition to completing the required coursework, students must apply to the college and meet with a counselor to create a transfer plan.

A member of The San Diego Community College District (SDCCD), the higher education apparatus offers online resources for students focused on transferring to a four-year institution.

These resources include links to various university websites, information about common transfer requirements, and tools that help students create a personalized transfer plan.

This blog post will elaborate on everything regarding the transfer from San Diego City. We will discuss the importance of the transfer center and what the SDCCD is.

So, if you’re looking for more information on how to transfer from San Diego City, read on!

What is the Transfer Center?

The Transfer Center is designed to assist students with transferring from San Diego City to a four-year university.

The center provides resources and services that help students plan and prepare for transfer.

Upcoming events are constantly posted on the SDCC Transfer Center website, so students should check to make sure they do not miss out on an important workshop.

Transfer Center Services

The SDCC Transfer Center is an invaluable resource for students transferring to one of the many respectable California colleges and universities.

Center staff are experts on the transfer process and can help students navigate the complex admission process and requirements.

Transfer City College Services

In addition, the Center provides several important services, including hosting workshops on preparing for and applying to colleges, maintaining a comprehensive list of transferable courses, and providing one-on-one advising appointments.

The San Diego City College Transfer Center also has the following services available:

  • Information on important dates and deadlines
  • Computer software to conduct college research
  • Enrollment Fairs
  • Develop a Transfer Educational Plan
  • Field Trips
  • Career Counseling
  • Guidance in selecting and researching the right institution for you.
  • Application Assistance
  • Research on Bachelor’s degree

Transfer Institution Individual Appointments

Already know what UC or CSU you want to transfer to? The San Diego Transfer Center routinely offers individual appointments with a university representative from various four-year universities throughout California.

These appointments allow students to learn about specific university programs and ask any of your pressing transfer questions.

San Diego City College Transfer Center

You can meet with the representatives from four-year institutions in person, providing an outlet to understand the courses needed to transfer, the application process, and the type of future students the college or university is looking for.

Students interested in transferring to four-year colleges should take advantage of the San Diego City Transfer Center.

What is the SDCCD?

The San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) is the second-largest community college district in the State of California. The SDCCD serves over 100,000 students annually at its three main campuses:

  • San Diego City
  • San Diego Miramar College
  • San Diego Mesa College

The district also boasts seven Continuing Education campuses that provide career technical certificates or career pathways for high-earning jobs and trades.

SDCCD Offices Transfer City College
SDCCD District Offices

The SDCCD is committed to student success and transfer rates. The district has one of the highest transfer rates in the state. About two-thirds of students who transfer from the SDCCD colleges have transferred to a UC or CSU over the last five years.

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In addition to its commitment to student success, the SDCCD is also dedicated to providing affordable education. The district offers a variety of fee waivers and discounts, including the San Diego Promise Grant, which covers tuition and fees for first-time, full-time students.

The San Diego Community College District is an excellent choice for students interested in transferring to a four-year university. With its commitment to student success and affordable education, the SDCCD is a great option for students looking to transfer from a community college.

Transfer Agreements with HBCUs and Independent Colleges

Schools in the San Diego Community College District, and especially San Diego City, have transfer agreements (articulation agreements) with several Independent Colleges and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

These agreements generate interest from more students and selected universities benefit from the number of transfer students that come from the California community college system.


Overall, we hope this post has helped provide more information on how to transfer from San Diego City. For more information on the SDCCD and the services it offers, be sure to visit the district website.

So, whether you’re a San Diego City student looking to transfer or just curious about what the SDCCD offers, we hope this post has been informative.

Make sure you utilize the resources that your community college Transfer Center provides, as it will ensure a seamless transition to your target transfer institution.

If you need help navigating the California Community College transfer process, feel free to Contact Us for a curated personal transfer plan that will lay out the courses you need on a semester-by-semester basis.

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