What to expect in a community college business program

Regarding business education, community college may be the best place to start. Community colleges offer business majors a variety of opportunities to boost their knowledge and skills to prepare them for a complete and fulfilling business career.

You would take courses in economics, accounting, management, finance, business law, and other subjects that improve your business knowledge and skills.

In addition, you would have the opportunity to participate in internships and networking events with local businesses.

What to expect in a junior college business program

When majoring in a business subject, students will likely experience various other subjects and disciplines embedded within the broader scope of business students.

When you enroll in community college, the first business classes you will take will be general education courses in economics, accounting, and finance. The business department will prepare students for transfer to a four-year college.

Business Newspaper
Business Newspaper

Still, students must maintain complete and adequate grade marks to transfer successfully and succeed in a future bachelor’s degree program.

A broad understanding of these concepts is essential in business before you can specialize in any area or complete a bachelor’s degree program.

The curriculum for a business major at a two-year college

The curriculum would include accounting, marketing, finance, and business law courses. These are the four fundamental pillars of business education.

A business degree from a community college will give you a strong foundation in these areas so that you can pursue a career in any field of business. To be successful in business, you must have a strong foundation in all four areas.

Specialized Business Education

In addition to the core business courses, many community colleges have a business department that can offer electives in specialized business areas such as entrepreneurship, international business, and human resources. 

These courses will allow you to explore your interests and gain valuable skills that make you more marketable to employers. You can experience internships in accounting, economics, information systems, and financial analysis.

In some cases, prominent business schools will have business associate internships that provide students the unique opportunity to see the skills needed for various business careers.

Hopefully, you can find the niche or specialization within those business classes to direct your future career and pathway to university.

How internships and networking events can help you prepare for a career in business

Internships are often overlooked or undervalued in the college application cycle. Most college consultants are correct when they place priority of acceptance on GPA and grade marks, but internships provide valuable experience and can boost your resume and acceptance chances.

Community Colleges offers Business students the opportunity to network and gain valuable internship experience.
Business Internships are Valuable

Make sure you reach out to your local junior college business department and identify the person responsible for handling inquiries related to internships. The individuals who handle inquiries are powerful in dictating the type of careers or internships you can shadow.

Local Opportunities

A hallmark of a junior college education is the local atmosphere and feel of the campus.

Unlike a four-year college or university, students are embedded in the same communities they grew up in, unveiling several opportunities for business students interested in internships with local businesses.

Community colleges also offer unique opportunities for students interested in business. Many community colleges partner with local businesses that offer internships and job shadowing programs.

These programs allow students to learn about different aspects of business and gain practical experience. In addition, many community colleges host business networking events.

These events allow students to meet business professionals and learn about different career paths. These experiences are invaluable for students who want to enter the business world after graduation.

Business Majors are Popular

Part of your journey to transferring to a four-year college requires you to compete with several business students. As such, the popularity of business majors makes many application cycles more competitive, and internships and other extracurriculars are important in differentiating yourself from other applicants.

Why junior college may be the best place to start your education

While business majors at community colleges will receive a well-rounded education, they may want to consider transferring to a four-year university to earn their bachelor’s degree.

Business Major Job Opportunities

Community colleges are a great place to start, but many business jobs require a four-year degree. A baccalaureate certificate is more valuable than an associate’s in terms of lifetime earnings and employability prospects. Business is a broad subject, and depending on what you want to do, there is likely a high influx of applicants for every position.

Annual Median Salary Business Majors
Annual Median Salary for Common Business Occupations

Bachelor’s Degree in Business

If you know you want to major in business and wish to attend a certain university, studying at a community college might be useful for beginning your company education.

A bachelor’s degree has become essential for entry into lucrative business occupations. However, many job opportunities only need an associate’s degree from a two-year college.

Transferring is a Cheaper

Attending junior college for your first two years is cheaper than transferring to a university.

If you were accepted into UCLA as a Business Administration major, the first two years would be general education courses unrelated to business. Community colleges offer the same classes for less money that can transfer to a four-year university later on.

In other words, many students think that transferring is too difficult or will not transfer with the same class they graduated high school with.

Sure, this is a possibility if you are unclear about what school you want to attend or what you want to major in, but if you know that you want to transfer to a UC or CSU, then attending a California Community College beforehand is simply the most cost-effective way to finish your general education (freshman and sophomore) year classes.

Smaller Class Sizes

Moreover, community colleges have smaller classes, creating a more personable learning experience. Students can get to know their professors and business majors more easily, which is great for networking.

Business Clubs and Organizations

Consider joining your school’s business club or student organization. This is an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and student organizations that will often invite local or prominent business leaders to speak with the club.

Listening to experts in the field you want to make a career in is the first step in promoting yourself as a valuable candidate for employment. Someone who can differentiate themselves from the hundreds of students applying for the same job.

Colleagues evaluating a chart focusing on specific elements.
Collaborate with Business Graphs and Instruments with Groups and Clubs

The community college system offers business clubs, events, and business-specific programs that can help students become business professionals. Take advantage of these opportunities to boost your acceptance to a four-year university.

Find Your Interests

The low cost of community college is extremely beneficial for those students unsure about what they want to focus their major concentration on.

A major concentration is what most bachelor’s degree programs require, and it is a process that the students do where they pick a specific task or skill to focus on within the broader scope of business.

For example, a business administration major can broadly concentrate on business law or securities that focus on specific business elements.

Therefore, the community college system is affordable and an excellent opportunity for students to explore their business interests.

Before committing to a four-year program, students can take courses that interest them and see if they have any passion in this field.

Community College Associate Degrees for Business

Regarding associate degrees, community colleges offer a wide range of business majors and students.

There’s the Associate of Science in Accounting for those interested in accounting. Those looking to become certified public accountants can pursue the Associate of Applied Science in Accounting. And for those who want to focus on tax preparation, there’s the Associate of Arts degree in Taxation.

students can elect to receive an Associate Degree or a Bachelors Degree depending on time completed and credits finished.
Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree Pathways to Completion

Then there are degrees specifically for entrepreneurs, such as the Associate of Arts in Entrepreneurship and the Associate of Science in Small Business Management.

And for students in general business administration, there are associate degrees in business administration, management, and even associate degrees in applied science in marketing.

So whatever your business major or interest, there’s an associate degree for you at community college.


Community colleges are a great place to start your education if you’re interested in pursuing a career in business. The curriculum would include accounting, marketing, finance, and business law courses.

You would also have the opportunity to participate in internships and networking events with local businesses. These experiences are invaluable for students who want to enter the business world after graduation.

Part of your journey to transferring to a four-year college requires that you compete with other students in the business field. As such, the popularity of business majors makes many application cycles more competitive, and receiving internships, and other extracurriculars is important in differentiating yourself from other students.

Overall,  the community college system offers business majors a great opportunity to start their education at an affordable price while also allowing them to participate in internships and other extracurricular activities to help them succeed in the business world.