At first, I was nervous about the transfer process because the guidelines were unclear, and I had no idea what path would be best for me. However, I was quickly put at ease when contacting California Transfer Support Network (CTSN). They were able to help me understand how to map out my education so that I could save time and money. After interacting with Jimmy and Matt, I was surprised that I had accumulated over 30 transferable credits due to my high school dual enrollment and AP scores.

One of the main reasons I decided to go the community college route was because I had to take care of my dad, who is going through some health complications—being able to stay close to home and have a flexible schedule allowed me to balance my academic goals with taking care of my dad. The CTSN staff was extremely helpful in helping me understand the transfer process. They helped me plan my education path, and I am on track to transfer to the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in the Fall of 2023. I would recommend California Transfer Support Network to anyone seeking help with the transfer process. I am incredibly grateful for the support Jimmy and Matt provided.